Wednesday, June 26

subscription box mayhem (plus coupons)

You already know that I do/have subscribe/subscribed to Julibox (when I can afford it), Birchbox, and Naturebox. I decided to try a few more, because I LOVE getting mail and I love being an early adapter to cool stuff.

Conscious Box: healthy and eco-friendly box 

(use "EARTHMONTH" to get it for $10)
Bulu Box: health, nutrition, and weight-loss discovery box 

(use "DISCOVER" to get it fo free)

Misto Box: fresh coffee of the month. Get four 1.7 oz packages (15 cups of java). These folks were on Shark Tank!

(use "COFFEE" to get it for $5). 
Love with Food: gourmet food samples, and every box covers one meal for a hungry child 

(use"FBGIFT" to get it fo free)
The Goodies Co: powered by Walmart, get tasty snacks for just $7 a month 

(they're in beta, but use "BLOGVIP" to jump the line and subscribe immediately!)

Treatsie: so excited about this one, just funded from Kickstarter. Artisanal sweets each month for $15! 

As always, check out Birchbox and Julibox, my two favorites. Let me know if you give any of these a try!

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