Thursday, June 13

discover [Marylou's coffee club]

Since I wimped out on you earlier this week, expect a real post tomorrow involving a muy impressive DIY from the talented D (with a smidge of help from his co-crafter).

So, probably the only person that cares about this has already been alerted (hi J!), but everyone needs to know: Marylou's is now offering a coffee club deal. Pounds are usually $11, but shipping is $10, so it really isn't quite worth it to not pick up in person.

Until now.


For $19.99, you get two pounds per month, ground or whole bean, any flavor, delivered to your door. Naturally I signed up immediately, as any miss-placed Bostonian should do. I talked about MLou's back when I posted about cold-brewing, but the beauty is that the beans are roasted with flavored oils, so the coffee beans and brew itself (still zero calorie) is flavored, rather than adding sugary, syrupy shots after the fact.
All your deets are here, check it out.

My first order is for Kahlua Kreme and Hawaiian Chocolate Nut. Oh yum. Iced coffee at my place all summer, come and get it!

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