Friday, June 7

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Heading to Philly for a wedding this weekend, one of D's fraternity brothers. The couple have the same names as us, and they're blonde, and college sweethearts...basically I'm looking at my (very-distant) future. I'm looking forward to it. Love weddings!

I plan on making this over the weekend, since 1. I'm trying to use up all my dairy (thinking I'll try dairy free *GASP* to see if it clears up my skin) and 2. I found a jumbo tub of nutella in our pantry. Sweet!

I could make this jewelry rack with things I have around the house.

I'm going for simplicity these days. Though I find her blog a little too emotional for me, I really admire the "throw out 100 things" challenge she does, sometimes more than once a year. Now that's exfoliating for you.

I fully, fully support this idea: 8 new punctuation marks we desperately need. Very clever AND made me giggle.

Interactive maps that show how differently American's speak? So fun to click through. P.S. of course it's maple SEAR-up, not SIR-up, c'mon now.

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