Monday, June 3

recap [Brooklyn weekend]

Things have been a bit slow around here lately, as you may have noticed. I spent the past full week in New York for work, capping it off with a weekend in Brooklyn to visit my besties R and D. We kept it low-key (as we usually do) and spent a lot of time drinking, eating, chatting. They're not a jam-pack-your-weekend kinda couple, which was a nice break from my work week run-around.

I gave Dig Inn a try for lunch on Friday, at the recommendation of a colleague who also travels to NY. SO tasty, but a long line and no seating. Think red cabbage with coconut, beets with goat cheese, lemon chicken, salmon salad, gazpacho, quinoa. Affordable for a guilt-free meal.

We did celebrate a recent green card acquisition, with a big party and red, white & blue decor.

D takes America VERY seriously. My bro made a cameo appearance later in the night too!

You may remember my last trip to the Brooklyn Flea over the winter, when it was still indoors. I purchased a bunch last trip and NOTHING this trip (other than a People's Pops #hadto). R and D got a very cool mid-century bar on casters that I will absolutely share pictures of once she refinishes it. This shot shows some cool tables that are similar to a project D just completed...more to come.

DC vs NY bocce ball...DC won, but just barely. We found a chill Brooklyn bar that had two bocce courts, live music (that we missed), tasty bar food, and plenty of drafts. I've decided I really like bocce. It's pretty simple and more social than most bar games, as both teams move together every round. "Bocce" means kiss, I learned. Awwww.

Until next time, Brooklyn.

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