Wednesday, June 19

discover [onefortythree]

I had a surprise family visit this weekend, plus a somewhat last minute trip to NYC, so I'm all in a daze. One thing that's making it easier for me to focus? This.

I am totally obsessed.

OneFortyThree is maybe the coolest lighting company I have ever come across. Everything is hand-crafted, everything is beautiful. It all started when an amazingly talented couple decided to make the furniture and lighting they needed for their new home and document the process with a blog. Everyone who saw their stuff loved it and wanted their own and encouraged them to make and sell. So they did, to the glory and benefit of us all. What a great bedtime story.

They recently tweeted about how flattered they were that a couple put many of their products on their wedding registry. Um hello? Best idea ever. This is totally usurping Anthropologie as my number one can't-wait-to-register-there company. If anything is going to push me down the aisle, other than the completely lovable D, it's the prospect of getting some of these products into my abode.

Don't even stress if you're not in the market for lighting; they have chairs too. Also, I can't relate to you AT ALL if you're not always on the lookout for lighting. And rugs. And mid-century arm chairs.

They may be trending right now, I'm not sure. Have you ever noticed that once you become aware of something, you see it everywhere? That's what's happened to me since coming across this company a month ago- they are being featured left, right and center in all my favorite places, but I don't know if it's because they're in a social media boom or because I'm just now paying attention.

Either way, check it out. And then bookmark it for when you get my wedding invites.

One more thing: while we're on the topic of amazing new decor sources, I'm digging this company and their motto: "the minimalist isn't about buying less but buying better". My new mantra.

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