Monday, June 17

cheap eats [what to do with a watermelon]

Happy Monday folks. If you're like me, you may be in need of some hydration after the sun and booze of an early-summer weekend. I bought a watermelon at Costco because they're SO CHEAP, but I've never picked up a full one on my own. Um, they're massive. But filled with water (90%)!
Step one: how do you cut it up? If you want just the fruit, I'm following Martha's lead and doing it like a pineapple: cut off the top and bottom so you have a steady surface, then slice off the rinds like you're peeling a banana. If you want some rind, just quarter the fruit and go from there.

Step two: make delicious things. I used Epicurious to search for some ideas, and I'm completely smitten with this melon, feta, arugula salad with balsamic glaze and this Thai-spiced watermelon soup with crab.

The easiest dessert is this watermelon granita, but I saw some wonderful recipes for watermelon milkshakes and popsicles I want to try.

While at the Brooklyn Flea, D tried a watermelon agua fresca that I'd like to recreate. This version, with grapefruit, sounds refreshing, or this one with ginger.

P.S. adding salt really brings out the sweetness of the fruit. I know, I thought it was counter-intuitive as well, but it's true!

P.P.S. this grocery store owner is insane. 21 seconds? Now you're just making me look bad.

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