Tuesday, June 4

DIY [canning]

Do any of you can? It's something I've been meaning to get into for years. One of my former co-workers is quite the domestic gentleman, and he cans regularly so as to enjoy the flavors of summer year-round.

I don't know if I'm ready for the full process (sterilizing, sealing, worrying about bacteria) in our tiny and shared kitchen, but I'm looking forward to getting on board in the future. For now, I'll have to stick to easier, simpler methods. These are only good for a few weeks in the fridge at best, but I doubt it will take you that long to consume anyway. Plus, it's an excuse to use the mason jars I'm planning to buy in abundance. Win-win. 

On the savory side, I'm interested in this tomato basil jam. Put it on a cracker with cheese and you've got yourself a mini pizza!

Everyone goes for the quick pickles, and you know I always trust Martha. My family has a generational tradition of pickle making (not joking) that I hope to uphold.

How do you like your blueberries? I want to try this pickled variety, as I already know I'll love this simple sweet version.

A recent trip to Costco left D and I with a huge watermelon and a ripe pineapple. It'll be hard not to devour it outright, but I think this boozy vanilla-y pineapple recipe sounds divine, and what better way to use up the watermelon rinds than this?

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