Friday, June 14

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So, that DIY post you were supposed to get today? Yeah, if you live in DC (or maybe anywhere along the east coast) we had an ABSURD storm rip through, leaving me with no lighting to document said project. For authenticity's sake, here is an (awesome) image my roommate took:

If you want a little head start on Monday, the DIY is based off of this project.

This is a great post all around- unique content, visually interesting, easy to navigate. Find your literary doppelgangers (great for book clubs!). I'm just so impressed.

Gah, someone (everyone) stole my (everyone's) idea! Wedding tattoos.

My favorite on-the-go notebook manufacturer, Field Notes, has the coolest new design ever. I love that they don't charge extra for their artful versions- still just $9 for a 3-pack.

And finally, help me admire this Sonneman lamp I scored on Craigslist:

#YES. It's an ambiturner too, look how nice it looks facing the other way:

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