Friday, June 21

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It's the weekend and I have visitors AGAIN. It's the busiest time of the year with the fiscal closing at the end of the month, so with that and friends/family in town and prepping for D to leave for B school, I've been slacking on the upkeep.

At least D and I have a vacation coming up, and I'm wondering if he'd be willing to try this. A charming way to combine your rental car and hotel stays, no?

Oh, you thought your latte are was good? The Taiwanese are the ultimate story-toppers with this.

German man misinterprets the meaning of party pooper. His face when he goes "really?" killed me.

Loving this Pantone Project. Color is everywhere, just waiting to be appreciated (and labeled).

Wondering if I can make this monogrammed planter (instead of shelling out $100+). Could be amazing as a wedding present, don't you think?

Some of these are in my personal manifesto. Check out their amazing Manhattan digs while you're at it!

And finally, when my worlds collide (philanthropy + Pixar)

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