Friday, June 28

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This is the funniest video I've seen all week: a man reenacts conversations he's had with his two year old daughter...but his daughter is played by a full grown man. Jeez, toddlers are aggressive!

20 invaluable pie charts.

Lots of giggles over this one: if kids tweeted about TV shows. I saw a toddler at the airport yesterday who was handier on her iPhone than I am, so it may happen soon. iSuck.

Apparently I'm all about the laughs today, but I've adored flipping through this: my imaginary well-dressed toddler. Named Quinoa.

Need some help keeping your fresh herbs, well, fresh? Here's a great tip (via Mint Love Social Club). Use herbs in a nice pasta dish on Monday, and in your cocktails on Friday!

As part of a much belated Christmas gift, D and I are heading out to this WV cabin for a little R&R. We plan on visiting three wineries, catching a casual blues concert, getting a tan, eating delicious BBQ, thrifting, and frequenting the outdoor hot tub at night. Vacation!

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