Tuesday, August 20

on ethics [craigslist burn]

Though I told you I was attempting more mind-casting than life-casting posts, this is a straight up life-cast comin atcha.

I'm deeply frustrated, more so than I should be, by the following situation: I recently sold this beloved couch to a kind girl. I had my boyfriend and roommate, who were not benefiting from the sale, move it for her, just because it seemed kinder than letting her struggle alone. We went back and forth in person and via email for weeks to secure the sale. She had a sob story to bring the price down, which I accomodated. 

Today, I found it up on Craigslist again- for more than my original asking price (let alone what  she paid for it, almost 1/3 less than what I'd posted), using my EXACT verbiage and images. Images that include my blog watermark and are of my home.

I'm not smiling right now. Even though it's nice to see my couch again. Hi couch!

Anyway, I emailed her (after alerting Craigslist) and BCC'ed D. By the time he replied to me 12 minutes later, it had been removed. I flagged the post and sent an email to the Craig right before contacting her, and they replied. They take the sharing of personal info very seriously, which I appreciate.

I'm all for reselling furniture. Hell, I want a career in it. And if I'm the dummy that falls for your sob story and lowers the price, than good for you, re-sell that bad boy- I agreed to it, meaning it was a fair transaction. But her verbiage was obviously untrue (talked about where I got it, how long I'd owned it, which of course couldn't be true for her), and the pictures were clearly mine, and included links to my blog and all the genius I share with you here.

Let's be clear: the reason I'm upset is because I was duped. I'm going to try not to let it sour my future Craigslist exchanges, of which there will of course be many. I've often wondered what someones problem is, as they watch me struggle to move my newly purchased dresser or ignore my genuine but low offer for their Eames chair. Maybe they've been Clist burned in the past, too. Let's keep the karma going people.

Anyway, I'm over it. Enjoy this contemplative picture of the green monster on its last morning in my bedroom (I told you I was attached to it. We took goodbye pictures. What we had was real).

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  1. that sucks! but i'm sure karma will come around - for you and her. I see an amazing cl find in your future!


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