Tuesday, August 13

Durham bound [and Craigslist creepin']

Many of you may know my news already, but I've accepted a job in Durham and I'm moving on down later this month (who knew my "about me" line about falling down the East Coast would be so apropos?)

To bolster my excitement, and yours, I'm going to share some of the goodies to be found in the Raleigh/Durham section of my beloved Craigslist. Let's be real, it was the first website I checked once I knew the move was official. Check out all my Craigslist tips, though I may need to add to this as I've learned a few new tricks over the past year.

Corona Sofa, originally from Macy's, $185. Shut up.

Super weird gold and glass etagere, identical to this one ($2,800 at First Dibs), just $100

amazing chrome and glass table and chairs, $175 and recently reupholstered in slate blue. If gold is more your thing (like me), this set may be even better

blue campaign dresser, $250 but you could talk them down, this should be more like $150

TONS of steamer trunks. What's with that? More for me, like this one for just 25 bones (or this one, or this one...) 

Who doesn't need an antler lamp from West Elm, especially at $60? Guarantee they'd take $40, maybe less.

Now you'll have to excuse me while I go email some sellers...

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  1. congratulations! can't see what all you pick up in Durham :)


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