Monday, August 5

DIY inspo [ombre walls]

While I'm still hoping to do this to my walls, I've decided to consider some more affordable (read: realistic) options as well. I recently picked up a pair of these DVF pillows (can't believe they were originally $140 at Neiman Marcus, I snagged them for less than $20 each at Marshall's) and am completely taken with the ombre look.

I've seen quite a few variations done with gradient colors and stripes, but I much prefer the blended look. Sometimes the stripes seem childish to me, whereas a touch of color bleeding to white is sophisticated but never boring.

I love that West Elm's blog, Front & Main, did a post on how to paint ombre walls. Apparently they got tons of feedback from their catalog of people just loving the technique, so they laid it out in a fun post. Pretty cool of a company to not only share secrets of the trade but to also respond so fully to their customers' comments. I'm certainly taking notes for my next project. I'm thinking a moody slate blue faded to white.

For more ombre, see KP's art project and an old if I were her. All that's left to decide is do I start the color at the top or bottom??

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