Friday, August 30

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Although the LAST thing D and I need in this cramped apartment is more art, I really want to get this one printed and framed. Wouldn't it be awesome in a bathroom? I'd probably use this printing technique from my favorite blogger.

Very funny: Trader Joe's circa 1877.

I'm always looking for descriptors that I would apply to myself. Similarly to "if I don't instagram it, it didn't happen", I ascribe to "if I can't label it, it isn't fully developed". Perhaps my interior style is "rustic utilitarian"?

Cauliflower crust pizza? I'll give it a try and let you know how it is.

I'm sure we all got a little beyond these, but of course, I like this one because I can relate to it.

My friend K sent this along with the subject line, "Introducing the WORST article I've ever read". Do you agree with him? Are you vehemently opposed?

Hoping to get some unpacking and organizing done with my long weekend. Hopefully some of you are taking better advantage!

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