Friday, August 2

link it up

How can you not find this charming? I'm intrigued by the artist red hong yi, who uses your everyday materials in her artwork. She calls herself a painter, but not with paint. I think a series of these blown up with modern frames would be lovely in a nursery. Check out her series using food, too.

I love this project, and a lot of other people do too. One couple made their own version, then recreated it for their second apartmentAnd their third. Talk about a worthwhile investment! This seals the deal, I am 100% doing this in my next space that calls for shelving.

I don't know if D is rubbing off on me or what, but I want to start reading-to-learn a bit more. This list is an incredible place to start, and came recommended from one of my mentors.

Some are funnier than others, and some are just gross, but the idea is classic. Siblings, are you down?

I don't know that it's worth reading this entire post, but at least check out their inspiration images and the final product. Pretty incredible light fixture, and something I would definitely try.


  1. Only if we can find some footie pajamas, and Smols agrees to drop a bag of flour on the kitchen floor.

    Or if you and Smols can find matching grape dresses. I think Glamour Shots by Deb is available.

    Or if Buckhorn lake is available.

    To be brief, I'm in.


  2. I am completely willing to pour flour all over myself and the kitchen. Too bad we can't get that yellowed linoleum floor back though...

    They did this in Modern Family too, it was hilarious.


how you like dem apples?