Friday, August 16

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aw yeah it's the weekend. Which for me means eating at all my favorite DC establishments (who would like to join?) and packing a wholllllle lotta stuff. 

I love infographics, and I love Ryan Gosling, so I love this.

Homeland. Season 3. Get stoked. Also intending to begin Breaking Bad this week, what with all the free time I'll have. If you include all the sleep I won't be getting due to moving anxiety, I may actually have a second or two to spare.

I read this post a few weeks ago, and it's re-framed how I blog. Can anyone tell? Some great tips and ideas for fellow bloggers from a funny writer.

Of the high, medium, and low version of these, I went with the low, and I don't 

Can't stop thinking about sinking into this gorgeous, oversized piece. That color may play a big role in my next space. What say you, darling?

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