Monday, August 19

discover [skimm]

If you like your news with a side of sass, I suggest you sign up for the Skimm

Here's a quick overview, from their website:

We are an online newsletter that simplifies the headlines for the professional who knows enough to know she needs more. Our concept is simple: we read, you Skimm. After developing careers as producers in network and cable news, we realized three things: Reading the news is time consuming; Wanting to read the news is a hobby; Lastly, not everyone has the time or interest. It’s time for you to be the conversation starter. All you need to do is Skimm.

Fun, right? They send an email Monday-Friday, early morning, with some snapshots of the big news. There's always a funny or interesting quote of the day before they break down international news, politics, and entertainment. I read it on my commute, and really appreciate the familiarity with current events. No one wants to be the person who has no idea there's unrest in Egypt or Snowden is still in Russia or which baseballers are in trouble for a trip to the Miami clinic.

I've enjoyed it so far. Join me in Skimming!

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