Friday, July 12

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I'm a lucky girl for the month of July. After a lovely almost-week home for the 4th and my birthday, I now head to the West Coast for a little adventure with D. I'm heading to Vegas tonight for the weekend, and will leave bright and early in our Ford Mustang convertible rental car (men) for LA. Hoping to get there in time for the Rose Bowl Flea Market (literally a lifelong dream of mine to attend, freaked out when I realized we'd be there for the right weekend). We'll be in LA until Wednesday, when I head to NYC for work and D beings to pack up his half of our life/belongings for b school. I return to DC Friday, we load up the U-haul, and we move him on down to Durham. 

Changes are a-comin for me, that's for sure.

Want to improve your boring old instagram photos? Check out this app.

Never a bad idea to prep an Elevator Pitch, and I'm really liking the interactive builder from Harvard Business School.

Really enjoyed this: the 30 most creative social media marketers. Good to see the Obama campaign,  Duck Dynasty, and Oreos all in one place.

From that artice: did you know Allstate's Mayhem has a facebook page? It's an extensive timeline of all the mayhem he's caused. Hilarious.

This made my jaw drop: woman shows half her face with makeup, half without.

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