Wednesday, July 24

discover [Teil Duncan]

Have any of you heard of Teil Duncan before? She's a semi-abstract artist that just crossed my radar last week, and I'm smitten. I really like her use of color, and her loose way of treating the setting. I've always liked abstract art, but sometimes feel hesitant to purchase because it seems so...random? Like a child could create it accidentally. I understand there is a process and a consideration of color and scope and mood, and that the art is often very intentional, but it's hard for me personally to justify $1k and up on splatters. Luckily, Teil lets me enjoy the random, quick, effortless feel of abstracts with a concrete subject and theme.

She does series, like most artists, including beaches above and nudes below. I really like both.

I would love, love LOVE to comission her to do a painting. She did this one below for a couple's save the date. I'm blonde, maybe I'll just find a debonair brunette to marry and poach this one? (kidding)

Everybody loves a good cow print. Check out her blog, which has links to her store and more.

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