Wednesday, July 10

DIY [covered matchboxes]

Wanted to show you all the finished product of my slightly-overkill DIY matchboxes, complete with instructions to waste your own time. Yay!

To start: gather your matchboxes and an assortment of coordinating papers. I used a neon persimmon from Paper Source, a few printed sheets from Michael's, and some lovely vintage wrapping paper I had lying around from Etsy (bought it to line my drawers, but it's just too pretty to not have more of a spotlight).

Next, cut around those boxes with an exacto knife. Most matchboxes are a standard size, which can make this process very easy: use your first cut as a pattern for the rest. You can also measure and use a paper cutter, but don't use scissors unless you're ok with wonky lines and messy folds. For solids this isn't an issue, but be aware of the pattern for printed papers so the part you want displayed is cut out.

Fold the paper along the lines of the box. Make sure to only cover three sides- you'll need to leave the striking paper free and clear if you want these babies to be functional. Pre-folding made the gluing process MUCH easier. What you're left with looks kindof like a book jacket, like this:

Actually, my friend M asked on Instagram if we could do these for books. Um, of course!

Now we're ready to attach it to the matchbox. I sprayed the inside of the jacket with spray adhesive, bought for $3 at Michael's. It's come in super handy for a number of projects. Be sure to lay out a drop cloth for the spray glue, you don't want a fine coat of stickiness on your floors. You'll have almost a full minute to adjust the paper to fit the matchbox perfectly, so don't rush it and be careful. After, I sandwiched the wrapped matchboxes between paper and heavy books to let the adhesive dry.

Et voila! Easy, right? I'm really liking how they came out. It may seem trivial, but I smile every morning when I open the curtains and see them on the sill. I've corralled them in an Urban Outfitters hexagonal soap dish I got for $4...only problem is, now I need a new soap dish.

One last shot, because scraps can be so artful.

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