Tuesday, July 30

succulents don't suck

This post is an overdue follow up to this post.

So as you saw, succulents need proper drainage so the roots don't rot from sitting in water. I bought this tin planter covered in bark from the Container Store for $1.99 (the bark had fallen off so it was on clearance, nothing a little Gorilla Glue can't fix). I drilled one hole in the middle, used my rocks from the previous succulent set up on the bottom, then layered on soil and the plants.

To you, this is just a picture of green succulents. To me, it's a sign of rebirth. I was completely shocked when they came back to life as if they'd been hibernating. Seriously, don't throw out your succulents, they are amazingly resilient.

To catch any excess water, I used an upturned Tupperware top that lost it's matching bottom. Reduce reuse recycle people. It's relatively inconspicuous, but I'm looking for a more sophisticated approach.

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  1. Well done! My aloe is looking all shriveled. First thought is, it needs some water to plump it up! But I have a history of overloving (read::over watering) my succulents. I need your green thumb!


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