Friday, July 26

link it up

YAY my favorite day of the week. It was a quick one for me, I think because I've been so active in my evenings rearranging things and organizing now that D is gone. I happen to be in Durham as you read this, so I can't really complain about the "distance".

Up for debate: are millennials really the worst generation, or is this just lazy journalism? And to make this more fun, it's a cartoon. Yay for info-graphics!

This incredibly generous artist is giving away one drawing every day for a year. You have to be the first to comment on Facebook though, and people comment within a few seconds. It's pretty insane.

Are you one of the others?

The coolest product ever, from Rust-Oleum. I already use them for their spray paints, so why not for everything else? Seriously, go watch this (and then buy stock in their company). (you can't do that, they're privately traded, my roommate and I just checked).

Did you know Rent the Runway sells their dresses? It's like going to the best consignment shop ever. Things are final sale, so I personally wouldn't risk it on apparel (I'm a serial returner), but I have my eye on this and this. Too bad we just passed my birthday...early Christmas present perhaps?

Enjoy your summer weekend everyone.

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  1. enjoyed the links - can i get that never wet on my couch, stat?


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