Tuesday, July 9

DIY inspiration [matchboxes]

Bad case of the Mondays kept me from communicating yesterday, and I'm too depressed to recap my wonderful 4th of July, weekend, and birthday just yet, but maybe later this week. For now, you get some inspo to prep for tomorrow's DIY.

You can look at this project two ways.

On the one hand, it shows a deep appreciation for the little things, the details, the touches that really elevate a home or room into a functional yet intentional space.

On the other hand, it's ridiculous to have spent time on this. Maybe not when you consider that the majority of the population watches 4hrs+ of TV per night, but still. During my commute the morning after I finished, I read this in my current novel: "[it displayed] a common weakness among the privileged classes, who seek to make anything trivial seem luxurious."


Anyway, my inspiration came from this wonderful post, a tour of Emily Henderson's (one of my favorite bloggers/stylists) living room. She has wonderful things in her home, beautiful little moments that make you pause and think hmm, that's so playful/bright/unique/interesting, a room full of conversation starters (if you're apt to start conversations over design, which I suspect many of her guests are).

One image jumped out at me as easily duplicatable:

What a good idea, to display my colorful, pretty matchboxes instead of storing them, as I usually do. I was crestfallen to see that my own collection were all black and white, splashed with uninspired logos of crappy NY bars. Displaying them would add to the clutter, not the class.

So I searched out some vintage matchbooks on Ebay and Etsy, but wasn't loving my options. I wanted boxes of wooden matches, not the booklets of cardboard crap, and I wanted to actually get the matches, as we light candles every day (many vintage lots don't include the matches). And, it just felt dumb to pay for it.

So, I made my own.

Here's to making the trivial luxurious! Have you ever completed a project that felt a litttttle silly? Check back tomorrow to see how they came out.

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