Wednesday, July 31

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**Update: When I tweeted this blog post @PoachIt, they asked which lamp store I wished they would support (the incredible OneFortyThree). They quickly added the shop. The definition of great customer service, responsive and nimble.

It has just come to my attention that many of you may not know what Poach It is, and for that, I am sorry.
Basically, Poach It tracks anything I want to buy and sends me an email when it goes on sale. So I can stalk an item for months without investing any time, then swoop in and pick it up on sale. You add a "Poach It" button to your bookmark toolbar, similar to the "Pin It" button for Pinterest. When you find something you want to track, you click the button. Poach It will pop up and offer you any coupons for the site, or give you the option to follow the item. Then, I get an email when the price changes or when an item comes back in stock.

I use it at Rugs USA on overdyed orientals, at Modcloth on a sweater I loved, on a fouta from Overstock, on my dishware from Crate and Barrel, on art prints from everywhere, and on makeup at Sephora. If you're flexible on WHEN you buy, it can save you money.

Let me give you an example: I bought a Zara dress in-store for $69.99, and I loved it, but didn't need it for any special occasion.  I decided to track it online just for fun. When it dropped to $59.99, I ordered it online and returned the one I'd bought. When it dropped to $49.99 within two weeks, I sent customer service my shipping order and requested a price adjustment. With very little effort I saved $20. (Would have been smarter if I just started the process with tracking and waited for the rock-bottom price, but you get the point.)
It hasn't worked at a few shops (that incredible independent lamp store, for example), but you'll be hard pressed to find many sites outside of their domain. Let me know if you snag anything on the cheap!

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