Thursday, July 25

DIY [an updated jewelry display]

So, this project from last year was in dire need of an update. I've really liked having my earrings on display, as it encourages me to wear more of them. Many are gifts, so I like being reminded of my generous loved ones, too. But, the strings were drooping and the whole thing looked a little ragged after a year. I guess that's what you get for using a $1 place-mat as your primary material. Oh well.

I made cork bulletin boards for my freshman year of college by wrapping scraps of my mom's vintage fabric around 4 thin squares of cork board, purchased from Michael's. once I laid the fabric down, I used a hot glue gun to secure thin white trim, called French Gimp, which looks like this:
Great stuff. I used it in my soon-to-be-revealed upholstery project too, it's relatively cheap and easy to work with, and gives any project a finished edge. 

I've kept the cork boards in storage since college, since D and I didn't have a use for them, but I broke them out a few weeks ago to use for my jewelry. I braided some red and white bakers twine to make a thicker string, and tied it between pushpins, like a mini-laundry line. I hung my earrings on that, and voila! Free and the work of ten minutes. I like the much cleaner look. For my studs, I just push them back into the cork, and they stay put.

Sorry for the crap bathroom lighting. At least it's not a mirror selfie!

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