Friday, July 19

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Oh my friends. I don't know how to convey the satisfaction I feel with my little Vegas/LA vacation. D and I had just the most fun. I have an absurd amount of pictures, like 200 or something, mostly of food (he accused me of only being about "imbibing", both food and drink, on vacation). I will share next week. Also have some big DIY's, like my first full-sized reupholstery project. Joy!

Sad but interesting piece: when your mother says she's fat. I've heard the insights before, but this is well-written. I can't say I relate, as my mom has always been teeny, but I liked this piece nonetheless.

JV, you're good with thread. Can we make these? I think they're gorgeous, and I have a spare face I picked up at a thrift store, but I can't afford the price tag (story of my life).

How much do I love this glamorous, functional apartment of one of my fave celeb designers? A bunch. I want to go drink a Manhattan there.

Were you recently dumped? First off, sorry. Second, go read this hilarious but helpful post about redecorating to help move on. I'll take any excuse, really.

I always like their posts, but this one in particular had me laughing (and you know I'm all in for a drinkable breakfast, helloooooo Vitamix). Go make some boss sauce (KP, I can see us calling it that).

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