Friday, October 25

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Weekend fun is here again. I'm finally venturing out to the only Trader Joe's in the area to stock up on pumpkin goodies (if there are any left). Going to swing by a Habitat for Humanity Restore, too- I've never been to one, but apparently they're your typical thrift store but with a focus on big home items (washers/driers, furniture, etc). Other than that, enjoying the crisp fall weather.

Very inspired by the wood board Oh Joy used in a fondue post. She said it's from Ebay, but of course it's really from the forest and I plan to make one. If you don't have woods at your disposal, I've had my eye on this Acacia Wedge Server from the great C&B (which happens to be 20% off and free shipping through Nov 11th).

All about the french press at work these days. I've been using these instructions from Intelligentsia with my Misto Box- remember, it's a subscription box that sends "the world's best coffee to your door". Get in on it.

Saw this from cent girl and LOVE: the voices of classic Disney characters.

Do I love everything she does or what? Mah gurl Jenny (from LGN) is now a contributor to the recently reincarnated Domino, and shared this amazing Ikea closet hack.

D and I both connected with this article: how to say no and have it be effective.

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