Friday, October 11

link it up

Oops- a little late on the posting. I got back from Chicago late last night, and didn't think to post the link up. It feels great to be back on the road fundraising (especially when one of your favorite chefs has a restaurant in your airport). Looking forward to catching up on some zz's and D time this weekend.

Still love this gilded centerpiece from Martha Stewart weddings, especially in fall. Great for a wedding, sure, but also great for seasonal decor right through the holidays.

Though it's not my FAVORITE HGTV show (which is prop bros, duh), I like house hunters. Except for the people you love to hate. This is spot on.

Hate doing two buzzfeeds here, because it's such a cop-out, but I always jump at the opportunity to continue my grammatical education.

It is indeed apple picking time, and these recipes have me more ready than ever. To find a few pick-your-own farms near you, check out this site.

My post yesterday discussed some of my favorite travel resources. Check this out from one of them- my dad grew up there, and said this was quite good.

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