Friday, October 18

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Welcome to the weekend party! It's been a lonely week for me as D studies for finals. They don't end until tomorrow afternoon, which means tonight is a Mexican dinner date with a few book club friends. Once his last exam is done, we're going to explore Chapel Hill (drinks at The Crunkleton, seriously, check it out, followed by Mediterranean). 

We're both off to Texas next week. It'll be my first time, but I'm pretty sure I'll fit right in. #bighairdontcare.

This is such incredible work. Maybe it's the final push I need to get started marbleizing paper.

Loving this story about excellent customer service. Might as well have some laughs while on the job, no?

I do think decorating is an art, but this article shows how it's also a science. I appreciate the concrete guidelines and specific measurements.

Wow. Some of these are absurdly true. Especially 2, 8, 10. Oh and 20, 27, 29. And don't forget 31, 22, 33. 35. 36. Ok go read it.

Construction workers react to Miley Cyrus' wrecking ball. Yes. Where is your hard hat.

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