Thursday, October 31

Happy Halloween [and a drinking trick]

Happy Halloween amigos. I've always liked Halloween, but it gets pretty awk post-college. Can you still dress up? Upon which weekend do you celebrate, the one before or the one after? Is it acceptable to buy boatloads of candy even if you won't have any trick or treaters?

Here's one classy idea I found and adore. What a great place setting for a spooky dinner party.

Alas, I won't be doing much celebrating this year, as I fly to Chicago tonight for work. Don't worry, I watched Hocus Pocus last week, so I'm good.

I also have a drinking trick to share. D saw me do this yesterday and was stunned at its genius. I only learned it myself a month ago, and if we two drinkers were unaware, perhaps you are, too. To chill wine or beer quickly, wrap it in a wet paper towel and drop it in the freezer. I had a beer chilled in just a few minutes, a smidge longer for wine.

So, back to my Halloween. I'm planning on trying Jenis tonight with my old roommate know, the absurdly over-priced, over-hyped, hopefully life changing ice cream shop based in Ohio but with a scoop shop in Chicago?

I'm hoping it's splendid, so I don't need to overnight ship myself a few flavors on dry ice (I'm not kidding, people do it. Please tell me you've heard of this, it's absurd and has my hopes outrageously high).

Enjoy the night!

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