Friday, November 1

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The weekend is upon us, and I'm in Chitown until Sunday. Enjoy some light reading and DON'T FORGET ABOUT DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. I'm bummed, as I've finally found it cool enough to run outdoors, but will now find it too scary. Can't win 'em all.

These are some of the best baby Halloween costume ideas I've ever seen. Breaking Bad for the win.

As a frequent traveler, I loved this NY Times article, because I so appreciate the places that treat me like a regular.

I happen to completely disregard sell-by dates, so this idea (from the former president of Trader Joe's, my first love) sounds fantastic.

My sister gets credit for this gem: my fave accapella group doing a tribute to queen Bey.

And finally, if you're a Food Network fan (I'm lookin at you, mom), you should check out these 100 greatest cooking tips of all time. Some are basic, but some were really great. If you're cooking a meal even just a few times a week, this is worth the read.

BONUS LINK UP: best flight safety video EVER. I hope I can get this on iTunes.

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