Monday, November 11

discover [blogs I dig: interior design]

Welcome to your Monday reading: blogs I dig in interior design. My favorite.

Little Green Notebook- She maybe wasn't the first blog I ever followed, but she was certainly the first I fell in love with, and she has inspired so, so many of my own projects. We either have similar taste or she's a genius, because I truly admire all of her work. And she's a budgeting girl, but takes the time, along with her considerable skill, to upgrade her basics- think Ikea hacks, reupholstering, cleaning up thrifted finds, and the like. 

Emily Henderson- another total star (no really, she won HGTV's design star). She has a very defined style- mid-century modern, white walls, pops of bright colors, natural materials, big, graphic rugs, brass and gold, odd collections, and fiddle leaf figs. If you like those things, you'll like her. She's far more high-powered than your every-day blogger, so she constantly has incredible original content to share, wealthy and creative clients to work with, and time to really do things right. Some of my favorite posts are about her thrifitng at the Rose Bowl or scouring Craigslist for vintage pieces to mix into her designs. Definitely worth the follow.

Peppermint Bliss- Like E Hendo above, Bailey is an actual designer (not to go all Martha scandal on you, but there is a difference between a educated designer and someone who has crazy good raw talent but no training). Because her design is a process and intentional, she can explain how things work- color scheme, scale, framing, texture- rather than just saying "I felt like we needed more light!" she can explain why sometimes you need a couch on legs to balance the room. Plus her rooms are usually whimsical and a little crazy, but with such quality materials that it never looks cheap or kitsch.

The Aestate- Here's an example of a not-designer with a great design blog. She's a watercolor artist with an Etsy shop, but her interior-design-heavy blog doesn't have constant projects or clients. Rather, she posts inspiration, educational posts (on designers, trends, etc), products, and very few but very good DIY's (I like these fabric covered boxes for the closet and these malachite boxes). This is a more realistic blog to follow in terms of emulating: a normal, design-inclined woman working through upgrades and renovations in her own home.

The Pursuit of Style- I feel like this last one is a mix of full-time and blog-only, as she is just starting off on her career as an interior designer (one that I think will be successful). She recently got some traction when her home was featured in Glitter Guide- isn't her foyer fun?! I think she's a smidge feminine and preppy for my own home, but it's good to get a dose of playful color and some inspiration.

Don't forget the classic heavy-hitters, like Design*Sponge and Apartment Therapy, and the recently returned Domino.

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