Tuesday, November 12

DIY [map coasters]

To go along with the infused liquors, my brother also did some DIY map coasters (apparently we both appreciate a good theme present). Inspired by my bar cart, he mod podged free maps onto simple tile pieces from the hardware store. Each groomsman got a map that corresponded to their home. I thought the Boston one came out great, but I may just be partial to my hometown.

Start out with inexpensive tiles, about 4"x4", which you can get from any hardware store and should be less than $.20 each (here's an option). Ceramic is going to be the most affordable, and you'll have a few options for color, though I'd recommend white or cream. Lay out the coasters on top of the map in the area you'd like to represent. Trim the map using an x-acto knife (be sure to have something protective underneath!) and make sure it fits your coasters well.

To start, I would score/sand the tile, to make a more textured surface and ensure better attachment for the map. Then, I'd spread a layer of mod podge on the tile (I get my mod podge at Michael's, make sure to bring a 40% off coupon!). Lay the map on top, and adjust to the perfect fit. You should have a few minutes to get the placement right while the mod podge is still tacky. Apply a thin layer of mod podge to the top of the map as well, and allow to dry thoroughly. 

I like a coat of polyurethane over this, to ensure the coaster is completely waterproof and protected. Do multiple thin layers of polyurethane, and allow each application to dry. Make sure you're coating the edges of the coaster as well, to be sure the corners of the map are secured.

Maybe the most interesting set was D's, which showcases the national mall in D.C. in one long line. I couldn't get all of them to fit in a frame, but you get the idea.

If you're new here, check out my DIY bar cart post for more map ideas.

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