Wednesday, November 27

DIY [gold monogram phone case]

I like this project because it fixed an actual issue, the issue being my terribly ugly phone case. I wish I had taken a picture of it to show you- I bought this Cimo frosted clear phone case for my Samsung Galaxy last April, which is not that long ago if you ask me. D has the same case in black, and it still looks great. Mine, however, became discolored- it wasn't dirty, but the clear plastic took on an amber hue that just looked yucky.

Perfect opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade, no?

First, pick a design. I love a good monogram- I think it's a bit playful and fun, but still professional. Pull up the font you like best (I just used one from microsoft, but there are TONS of free fonts you could use available online). I traced the outline onto contact paper, being careful to think about the direction of the font. Cut it out with an exacto or scissors, and slap it on the inside of the phone case.

Step two, tape up the back of your phone, which you won't want painted. Make sure to cover the holes as well, because spray paint has a sneaky way of settling everywhere you'll allow it. Cover it with a light, even coat of paint. You could use a brush, but I like the even, uniform application of a spray paint in this case.

Peel off the stickers and voila! The inside is so sparkly and glowy that it totally bums me out to turn it around, but thus is life. I think that, if the case hadn't turned amber, the gold would be more pronounced. Either way, it's a big improvement.

One more of it hanging out with my office supplies.

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