Friday, November 8

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Weekend party! I'll be trying a new restaurant in Chapel Hill tonight, my usual farmer's market stock up, and brunch with the girls on Saturday. And going for a run on Sunday, because this is clearly an eating weekend. And actually, I'll be running Saturday, too: Shape magazine tells me that it takes 66 days to form a habit (what ever happened to 21?!), so I'm trying to run for 66 days straight. Which means I have to run on Thanksgiving. Ew.

10 philosophers summed up in a single sentence: as a former philo major, I enjoyed this. Funny but also pretty accurate, for the ones I've studied.

I'm making a healthy no-bake dessert this weekend, and can't decide between chocolate peanut butter, pumpkin oatmeal, or cranberry pistachio. Oh, and did you know you can make a healthier flour just by grinding up instant oats? A new use for Quaker AND a new use for my Vitamix, as if I needed either.

Is this a real thing? Who in the world will teach me how to contour? I find it truly incredible, like artwork. I need a face paint-by-number so I can look like this girl.

Not my first time linking up to something out of Harvard Business School: what to do when you've made someone angry. Great article, and relates well to the pointless and half-hearted squabbles D and I have had lately regarding our insanely hectic and not remotely corresponding calendars. Go for understanding, not agreement.

Been doing stalking on the craig. I think I may be in too deep, because I'm considering buying this chair. For real I need a second opinion (skipping right over D of course). The one thing that is a NON NEGOTIABLE is this. So sassy with the purse.

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