Wednesday, October 30

cheap eats [pickled radishes]

I love all things vinegary- pickles, kimchi, saurkraut, olives, the whole gang. My grandfather got into making pickles a longggg time ago, and they're kindof a family staple. So when I came home with these two beautiful, big radishes, but couldn't use them fast enough, I figured prolonging their life through vinegar was a good call.

These are truly cheap eats, friends- the radishes were 2 for $1 (the little green peppers are 5 for $1, the padrones $2.50 a pint, the potatoes were $1 for both, 1lb of arugula for $4, can't even make this stuff up). I'm telling you, southern living is gonna save me a boatload.

I used this recipe for pickled radishes, They turn a lovely rosy color after a few yours. Aren't they pretty in pink?

Pretty, yes, tasty, no. I'm damn sure this is a fine recipe, but know what you shouldn't do? Read teaspoon as tablespoon when measuring out your sugar and salt. Yeah, don't do that.

One last shot of the Durham Farmer's Market. In Durham, we match our veggies to our flowers.

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