Friday, October 4

link it up

What's up for the weekend? D and I are excited to try out Google Glass, which is coming to the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham. From there we'll head straight to the World Beer Festival. Good thing the bus will get us door to door, huh?

I hate when I discover "link it up" additions too early in the week, because by the time we hit Friday, you've already seen them all. But, this is SUCH a good parody, too good to leave out. I love Tina Fey.

Appreciate all things Jay-Z and Bey.

Did you see this country cover of Cyrus' Wrecking Ball? Is it still the same song if they keep their clothes on?

If you've ever loved a dog...

To me, this was an unexpected result of the shut down. Keeping perspective, I suppose it's not a big deal, but for that couple? Ouch.

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