Monday, October 21

discover [blogs I dig: foodies]

This is a continuation of a mini-series I started, where I'll be sharing some of the blogs I admire know, in case for a song isn't hitting every single note (see what I did there).

Next up are the foodie blogs.

How Sweet It IsLove the recipes, love her photography, love her quirky, personality-filled posts. Lately she's posted a bit more about other topics that interest me less (beauty products, personal life, tv shows...), but she's surely earned that right by creating such a popular blog and cultivating such devoted followers. She's truly a "brand", in my mind. She does a great mix of meals, desserts, apps, cocktails, you name it.

Not Without Salt: Aside from being a salt fanatic and having an obvious affinity for the name, Not Without Salt consists of gorgeous, often moody photography and truly beautifully written posts (for an example, check out this one, or this one). Her writing is so personal, which fits with the topic in some regards- she's inviting us into her kitchen, sharing her recipes, and chatting with us all the while. I really like this one and I think it's a great example of how truly great, solid blogging is done.

She has a background as a dessert/pastry chef and a boog coming out February 2015 (I want it).

The FauxMartha: This is a fun one. My favorite posts of hers are the "tip of the week", which are usually simple yet ingenious. Her recipes are good, but she likes to cook from scratch, which is inspiring and lovely but impractical for me personally (I'll take all the shortcuts I can to get dinner on the table). 

Smitten Kitchen: can't leave her out. I'll admit I don't have the cook book yet, though it's on my wishlist this Christmas. Her recipe file is EXTENSIVE, and I like that you can search it by season. Photography is great (kinda a requirement for me with food blogs), and you can even purchase prints of her photos very inexpensively. I especially like the "ingredient" gallery for beautiful shots of fresh fruits and veggies.

Of course, don't forget Thug Kitchen, which still gets me giggling every post.

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