Monday, October 14

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My dear friend (no initial to protect her laziness) has been less-than-inspired by work lately. Frankly, she's absurdly over-qualified and completes her tasks in a fraction of a normal work day. She mentioned that she's been using my sidebar "blogs I dig" list to do some light reading when bored.

To be honest, I'd completely forgotten about that list, and was a little put out when I realized a few of them weren't even actively blogging anymore, and a few of them, sadly, suck. It has now been updated, and I hope you'll take a gander.

So! I'm going to be doing a few spotlight posts on other blogs to give you some additional reading. I've been particularly drawn to fashion blogs of late, since they're typically very short posts and image heavy, meaning you can read 10 in about 2 minutes. Some new-to-me favorites include:

The Chronicles of Her: I won't pretend everything is completely wearable in the average life (is she in a leather 3-piece suit up there?) but her writing is clean and simple, her style is one of my favorites (a little rough, a little borrowed-from-the-boys, a little sexy, basically all the ways I don't-but-wish-I-did dress), she does occasional tutorials and giveaways, and she's got hook ups (Hermes, anyone?)

Tuula: absurdly aspirational wardrobe here, but I do appreciate that she'll re-wear the same $3,000 coat or $$ shoes all the flipping time. And she's just so beautiful. And she is in a different country in every post (for real) and her photos can be just incredible. I've honestly saved a few to potentially print out for my gallery wall. THAT good.

A Pair & a Spare: Very cool girl. Most of her posts are inspiration from top designers and trends or DIY's where she re-creates those styles on the cheap (like the jeweled Burberry trench, above).

Look Linger Love: maybe more lifestyle with a heavy favor for fashion. This woman is so likeable, so warm, so colorful, and so NOT your typical fashion blogger (i.e., all those posted above). She's a mom, a business owner, a woman of average size, and a fun read.

Don't forget Primer for the boys, Atlantic Pacific because you HAVE to, or my tried-and-true Capital Hill Style (even if I'm not in DC anymore, Belle rocks).

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