Tuesday, May 21

DIY [wedding table numbers]

I still have a few wedding DIY's to share with you (see the seating chart and the mailbox for wedding cards to catch up).

Rich and Jen ordered a big ol' batch of frames, I think through Amazon. We were going for unfinished, untreated wood, which saved me loads of time in sanding. Here they are, unwrapped and ready to go.

Side question- who are the people that are always in the frames you buy? This little lady was a creep.

This is really a one-step project, after a light sanding. Paint or rub on some stain, let sit for a few minutes, then rub in with a dry, clean rag. How long you leave the stain on depends on the color you want, but I always say start light and add more if needed (check out more staining tips).

I've shared this pic before, so you can get an idea of the scale. I don't remember how many we did, because we didn't do tables in numerical order. Instead, we used numbers that were meaningful to the couple. It was fun to lounge around their apartment with a bottle of wine during a group brainstorm session, trying to come up with enough ideas. Love you two :)

We decided against finishing the frames with polyurethane  Though it would protect them, we preferred the matte, more rustic finish. And it's not like wedding guests were going to be treating them roughly.

And one more up-close. Hope you like!

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