Tuesday, March 5

DIY [wooden frame]

I have a DIY for you today to make up for the fact that I didn't post yesterday. Whoops. In my defense, we're ONE DAY away from my big event. Yippee!

It all starts with some unfinished 1x4's from Home Depot. I bought the wood for another project, but had them cut these scraps to the right size. Find a friendly guy in an orange apron, they do cuts for free.

I used some leftover stain from wedding projects (holy! I have a bunch of old projects to fill you in on). I stained the raw wood on the left, which left it like the wood on the right. Once you wipe off and rub in the stain, you're left with the middle. Pretty!

Let's do this the simple way- I don't want to use screws or nails or anything that costs money. Because I'm cheap and lazy. I used some Gorilla glue and potato chip bag clamps for Christ's sake!

But I think it paid off. Simple doesn't have to mean junky. With some free scraps, wood stain, and gorilla glue, we have a nice, hearty frame.

Another view. It fits in well in our entryway and matches our knockoff Eames chair (from Craigslist of course) and Fab Habitat indoor/outdoor rug. The photo is quality (aren't they always...promise I'll invest in a real camera soon), but you can at least get the idea for the play between purples and oranges. Take my word for it, it's vibeing.

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