Wednesday, March 6

bag it up [anthro test tube vase]

I have a somewhat recent purchase that is bringing me so much joy I have to share it with you all: the Anthropologie Test Tube Vase.

I'm so glad you love it too. I found it for $39.99 and 30% off sale, so needless to say (though I'll say it anyway) it was a steal. I picked it up with a graciously-given Christmas gift card (thank you!) to make the story even sweeter. Did you know that Anthropologie will ship any item from the store for free? Bring any item you like up to the register, and they'll search all stores to find the color/size you want. I found this vase while on vacation in Florida, but one of the test tubes were broken and I couldn't have flown it home anyway. They shipped me one no problem.

It looks even better with bushy blooms, like dahlias, mums, or hydrangeas, but I like the clean simplicity of tulips, too. Tulips may have moved into first place as my favorite. Got this bunch for $4 at Trader Joe's, in my experience they have excellent blooms.

You could do cool things with all the blooms at the same level, or even use it as a candle holder (if you're game for the major clean up). I do have to refill the water every few days, but thus far, every bouquet I've arranged in here has lasted two weeks. I do use plant food, and re-trim the stems once per week, but I've been happy with the long life span. Really brightening up my entryway!

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