Tuesday, March 12

link it up.

Apologize for being absent for a bit. I'm momentarily back in my groove until vacation starts tomorrow! Posting the missing link-up from Friday for your enjoyment.

This is the most creative music video I've seen in a long time. Remember when they all use to be art? Little movies we watched on MTV and Vh1? Loves it.

The colors in this art are killing me. I love me some mint and coral.

Marbling with nail polish? That is too cool and looks super easy. Already thinking of all the things I own that would look better in swirls...

Making these for dinner tomorrow, gotta cook 'em all up before I head to Miami Wednesday!

Speaking of which, I've been using this city guide to get some ideas, and part 2. I'm also going to follow this list for my caffeine, and this one for my shopping addiction.

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