Wednesday, March 27

WOW I've been MIA

Very disappointed that I missed two days of blogging. To be fair, I am traveling for work (NYC on to Boston on to Chicago, it's a marathon), but regardless, I apologize. Great and long post coming tomorrow if you're a literature lover like myself. For now you get to re-live my weekend. Yippee!

Started the weekend at the Gilt City Warehouse Sale in DC. It was amazing, truly. Does anyone know where one finds out about these types of things? One of my alumni works for the company and alerted me, but I doubt I'll be so lucky again. Open bar and free admission didn't hurt either.

It was D's birthday! We started the celebration with champagne and blue shirts, followed by dancing and drinking on U St (Marvin and Dodge City, to be exact. Highly recommend Marvin if you're in the area). He also got accepted to B school this week (had I told you that yet?) so it's an exciting time.

Next up was bowling in Baltimore with some of my college friends. Despite dealing with remnants of the night before, we had a lovely time reliving our childhoods and wearing hipster shoes.

Check out that fancy presentation! After bowling, D and I checked into an Inner Harbor hotel and headed to Roy's for dinner. My brother and J gave me a generous gift card when I graduated college, and D and I let it age nicely over the last few years. Absolutely delicious.

I think it's absurd that I've never been to the top of the Empire State Building, though I'm in the city a few times per month and have been visiting family here regularly for the past two decades. I'll get to it at some point, but for now I admire it from the ground.

If you're an east coaster, enjoy the warm weather! I am SO ready to hang up my down jacket.

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