Friday, March 1

link it up.

Link it up is on the lighter side this week. Some jokes, some pretty things, some dance moves. For my job, the culmination of months of hard work is upon us, and I could use a laugh to lighten the tension!

If Disney acquired Hogwarts, it would look like this. Ha!

Perhaps the coolest safe house ever.

What an Ikea looks flawless.

Too bad D and I didn't know this trick before our New Year's Eve party...would have made his life MUCH easier.

This is the greatest: GOD I love Jennifer Lawrence. We should be best friends. You need to watch this.

If you've been part of the Harlem shake craze, but want to know what it REALLY looks like, check this out.

Everyone enjoy the weekend. Anyone else weirded out that it's March?

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