Thursday, May 9

mixology [grapefruit, rosemary & gin cocktail]

It isn't Friday yet? Let's get a head start regardless. 

This baby is delicious, and I drank it exclusively for two months this winter. It's similar to a Greyhound (vodka and grapefruit) or a Salty Dog (gin or vodka, grapefruit, and salt rim), but I made it sweet and added some herbs. I like gin with any herbal flavor. Or on it's own. I <3 gin.

Following Martha Stewart's sage advice, I made rosemary sugar for the rim, which I think really added something. Then, 2 shots of good quality gin, splash of campari, and the juice of one grapefruit (around 4 oz) and you're in business. If you're a wimp, top with some seltzer water. Garnish and enjoy!

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