Thursday, May 23

mixology [summer sipping]

I'm not officially branding this one yet, but Thursdays have at least unofficially taken on a bit of a mixology theme (last week, and the week before). D and I have no trouble coming up with drinks to try- in fact, sometimes we have more that we want to make than would be intelligent/responsible to imbibe.

That doesn't mean I wasn't impressed and excited to come across the New York Times' Drink Generator this past weekend. If you've been in a boozy rut and need some new ideas, this is the place to go. The Generator lets you plug in what you already have in your liquor cabinet, what you like, or what you'd like to try and will spit out a delicious drink that utilizes your selections. The encourage you start with a "base spirit"; think your heavy hitters, like gin, rum, whiskey, tequila. Then select a "modifier", like Campari or St. Germaine. Finally, they add on a little somethin' extra, and voila, a finished creation.

D and I always joke that we've graduated from the college days of booze plus one mixer (or, a mixed drink) into cocktail heaven, where the finished product is almost entirely made of various liquors plus produce, herbs, or a splash of seltzer. Join us on the adult side of drinking- it's far more complex and rewarding, I promise.

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