Monday, May 6

pinned [rustic cool kitchen]

My favorite roommate (don't tell the others, especially not D) just moved out last week. While I am sad that he's gone, that has been overshadowed by the dramatic drop in available glassware in the house. There's no time or energy to mourn when you're thirsty!

I had my eye on this set of smokey glassware from Target, but D surprised me by being ok with the idea of using mason jars. So practical, utilitarian, rustic but still cool. Love the lids, great for travel, feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder when you sip your sweet tea from one on a summer day.

Since I'm now going to be drinking from these:

I'll need a kitchen to match (if you give a mouse a cookie...). Keep in mind I'm moving sometime in the next few months as D heads to B school, so I may actually be able to create some elements of these.

Here is my inspiration thus far. Can't you see mason jars and a pitcher of lemonade relaxing on the counter?

via Design*Sponge
via The Design Files
via Apartment34
via Design*Sponge

Few things to make here too...that coat rack made with a piece of driftwood is too easy, and the lights in the last image? Pretty much fool proof. Le sigh.

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