Friday, May 17

link up

Yesssss it's the weekend. If you liked my summer jam from last week, you should watch Mr. Thicke himself performing the catchy tune on Ellen yesterday!

They said it, I believe it: this is the most relaxing song in the world. Please finish reading my post before playing, or else you'll pass out.

If Congress behaved like roommates: this had me dying. They've quoted some of my apartment's email chains for sure.

Go learn how to DIY the coolest chandelier ever.

Would you eat this wacky combo? I'm making one this weekend to give it a roll. Apparently it used to be a "thing", so maybe your parents or grandparents were known to indulge.

D was pretty pleased with this correlation: physical strength and political views.

Set these up in the crock pot this morning for the most delicious Friday night dinner. I'm so impressed with her recipes, not to mention her photography!

I want this so bad, in the walnut burl. Is it crazy to pay that much? #yes

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