Friday, May 3

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Who is ready for the weekend! By the time this post goes live, I'll be relaxing (or working, but only a half-day!) in Philly with my sister. She happened to have turned 21 last week, so I'm sure this will be the most lively of my visits to her college. Yippee.

All of my presents will now be decorated with these (which is good, since I haven't given D his birthday gift yet. From March. Oops).

Have been making variations of this all week. YUM.

Like BBQ? Live in DC? Then you'll love this. (DC friends, let's do this soon)

Very inspired by the minimalist philosophy of this man. I gotta clean house.

Life, you're so difficult! First world (middle class) problems had me laughing. The images really make it.

Enjoy some sun this weekend.


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